Dr. Peggy Purner (Veterinarian/Owner)

Dr. Peggy graduated from UNLV in 1980 and graduated from OSU Veterinary School in 1984. She practiced in a rural mixed animal practice in central California for eight years doing small animal and dairy work. Dr. Purner returned to Nevada and opened Mesquite Veterinary Clinic in March of 1992. Our beginnings were humble, working in a refurbished motorhome providing full service care. As the town grew, so did the business. In 2000 we moved into our present beautiful location. Dr. Peggy enjoys horseback riding, hiking, camping, fishing, and fireworks. She has 2 cats Sugar and Casey, a dog named Sarah a border collie mix and a Thoroughbred/Arab cross horse named Romeo.

Robyn-Veterinary Technician


Tammy is a native of Montana. She worked for 19 1/2 yrs. at an extended care facility/ nursing home as a receptionist/ C.N.A. She is also a Certified Pharmacy Technician. She has been with MVC since 2004. She has 2 dogs, Rusty (who can be moody) a Chihuahua who is a 16 year old. She enjoys camping, fishing, and hunting. She is our pet food specialist at MVC.

Patti-Receptionist/Accounts Receivable

Maggie - Receptionist

Ben-Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Technician

Karen-Kennel Technician

Trish-Kennel Technician

Brandie- Veterinary Assistant

Brandie is originally from California, she moved to Mesquite in 2004, with her grandparents. When she was a junior and senior in high school, she did ROP, Animal Care 1 & 2. She worked at a veterinary hospital during the summer as a kennel attendant. Brandie joined our team in December 2004 in the kennels, she worked her way up to a veterinary assistant. In 2010 she got married to her husband Rick. They have two son’s named James and Nathan. They have two pets an orange kitten named River and a golden retriever named Duke. She enjoys dancing, and spending time with her family and friends. Brandie does a wonderful job calling all of our clients back to check on their pets after surgery or sickness.

Shaina- Veterinary Assistant

Shaina is in college pursuing her veterinary degree. She has been working here since fall 2014, to obtain hands-on experience. Shaina was a member of the F.F.A. (Future Farmers of America) at Virgin Valley High School and she goes to competitions for Veterinary Medicine. She also raises pigs for the Clark County Livestock Show at the county fair.

Danna- Kennel/Vet Assistant

Danna is originally from Kansas. In 2010 she moved to Denver and studied at Bel-Rae Institute in Veterinary Technology. She graduated in 2012. Then moved to Mesquite. Danna joined MVC in April 2015. She is currently has two fish babies the Captain a crowntail Betta and Mr. Moseby a Bristlenose Pleco. Danna has a special interest in fish. She dreams to someday work at an aquarium. She spends her spare time drawing lots of cats.